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The SavvyCast

Jul 1, 2022

Episode At A Glance:

This week, Registered Dietician Amanda Nighbert joins me to share about all things healthy lifestyles. Amanda is a firm believer that part of being a "healthy" person is having a healthy relationship with food. Additionally, she promotes sustainable lifestyle changes rather than "dieting," because it is the small habits that lead to lasting change. In this episode, Amanda shares how breaking the diet "rollercoaster" leads to long-term weight loss, as well as what resources she offers. She also shares how important an "all foods fit" mentality is for a healthy lifestyle. 

Who Is Amanda Nighbert?

Amanda Nighbert is a registered dietitian who specializes in weight loss nutrition. Additionally, she is a fitness enthusiast and a working mom of two. Amanda has worked in the field of weight loss for the past 19 years and has helped thousands of people reach their wellness goals. She is an avid researcher, and her goal is to bring the latest, cutting-edge strategies and techniques to her clients. Rather than encouraging a "yo-yo" diet approach, Amanda's goal is to teach her clients simple yet effective lifestyle changes. She believes in implementing strategies that work in the real world, with real people, who lead real, hectic, and often crazy lives.

Questions Answered In This Episode: 

  • What does a "healthy lifestyle" mean to you?
  • Why is it important to have a healthy relationship with food? 
  • How can I achieve sustainable, lasting weight loss?
  • What is the difference between a dietician and a nutritionist?
  • How does "meeting people where they are" lead to lasting change? 
  • What role do calories play in weight loss?
  • Why is protein important to weight loss? 
  • What does the phrase "all foods fit" mean?

Connect With Amanda Nighbert:

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