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The SavvyCast

Dec 31, 2020

In this episode of The Savvycast, Ellie Hiller of Vulcan Nutrition shares how she helps her clients achieve their weight and wellness goals without guilt, frustration, or deprivation.

Ellie Hiller shares why she transitioned from being a full-time RN to becoming a personal nutrition coach with Vulcan Performance. She...

Dec 24, 2020

Here's how to grocery shop + meal prep for Christmas day when grocery stores are closed and you want the family to "feed themselves" while you enjoy your day.

In the podcast, I "walk you through" the grocery aisles to choose food for Christmas Day. I also share how to make my famous "peach tea" and simple syrup. I hope...

Dec 18, 2020


For an elegant holiday meal, consider one of these three beef tenderloin recipes + sides and desserts, and make a meal fit for royalty!


BEST beef tenderloin EVER

In the podcast, I give details about the beef tenderloin recipes shared in the post. I also talk about the beef tenderloin that I picked out this week to serve for Christmas Eve...

Dec 11, 2020

I share my favorite athleisure wear and how to style it for women 50+ who want to be cute, comfy and age-appropriate.

Let's talk about athleisure.

I decided to do a blog post + podcast on athleisure since I have gotten many DM's lately asking where I get certain items that I'll be sharing in the post. So if you were...

Dec 3, 2020

South Louisiana native Duane Donner gives us an inside look into all things Cajun, from the culture to the celebrations, to foods, recipes, and more. 

Who is Duane Donner?

Duane Donner is the Founder and CEO of Founders Partners. His family has Cajun roots, and Duane holds fast to his Cajun heritage and traditions...