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The SavvyCast

Nov 22, 2019

Dr. Joe Beam explains the 4 elements involved in what attracts one person to another and why working on P.I.E.S. makes our life (and marriage) better.

Attraction is often used to describe how a person looks physically. Women might be called pretty or beautiful; men typically are called handsome. But studies show that attraction, or what makes someone "attractive," is not quite that simple.

In this episode of The SavvyCast podcast, Dr. Joe Beam explains P.I.E.S.  What it is. Why it is important, and why we ALL should practice P.I.E.S. whether married or not.


P.I.E.S. in Marriage and Life

What Makes Someone Attractive?

Dr. Joe Beam points out that attractiveness is NOT all physical. Studies show that 4 elements are involved in attraction.

  1. Physical.  Studies show that most people marry someone with a similar level of attraction to themselves.
  2. Intellectual. 80% of Americans marry someone with a similar level of education.
  3. Emotional. We are attracted to others who evoke emotions we enjoy feeling.
  4. Spiritual. People find others attractive whose values/beliefs they perceive to be the same or better than their own.

Why P.I.E.S. is Important in Marriage

Dr. Joe Beam works with crisis marriages and has seen problems arise when one spouse "lets himself or herself go" after marriage. This can cause one spouse to feel disrespected and the other to feel "conditionally loved." Joe explains how working on P.I.E.S. for oneself (not the other person/spouse) is the best way to keep a marriage strong.

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