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The SavvyCast

Oct 17, 2019

The Enneagram helps us with self awareness AND others' awareness so that we can have personal and relational growth.


The enneagram is most helpful when used to understand not only ourselves, but also others~especially "our people."

Enneagram Not All About You

The Enneagram IS About Me

The enneagram is a tool that we can use to discover our deepest fears. Our greatest strengths. Our biggest weaknesses. It can help us understand what drives us, motivates us, and why we interact with the world the way we do. It provides insight and tools to help us embark upon a journey to be a "healthy version" of our type.

The Enneagram Is ALSO About Others

The first step to wholeness often starts with "know thyself." Close behind is "know others." Digging deep into the Enneagram types can help us become better friends, spouses, parents, and leaders.  Understanding the types helps us to recognize that others are different from us and to seek to understand them better. 

The Enneagram Is Good For Relationships

Several Christmas's ago, Zane's mom (aka Mimi to us) gave everyone in the family a copy of Ian Cron's book, The Road Back to You. Everyone read it, and eventually we all discovered our types. Better yet, we had weekends spent learning each others' types and discussing all the differences we shared. It was deeply impactful and eye opening to say the least.  Although we had the benefit of having Jordan Jones "at the helm" coaching us along, any dialogue or conversation seeking to understand others can be helpful.


The Road Back to You: An Enneagram  Journey to Self-Discovery 

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