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The SavvyCast

May 21, 2020

Zane Tarence joins me on The SavvyCast to talk about his book 17 Reasons Your Company is Not Investment Grade (and What to Do About It).

17 Reasons Zane Tarence

Who is Zane Tarence?

Zane Tarence, managing director and partner of Founders Advisors, is an expert in the business of technology. He is an experienced investment banker, dealmaker, and serial entrepreneur. He has worked with hundreds of owners to position their growing companies to attract both investors and strategic buyers.

Is your company investment grade?

If you are an owner, investor or employee, you should know the answer before you sink time, energy or cash into an organization. In 17 Reasons Your Company Is Not Investment Grade & What To Do About It, investment banker and serial entrepreneur Zane Tarence reveals how professional investors determine investment-worthiness and enterprise value.

Ask yourself these questions.

  • Generate predictable cash flow?

  • Deliver tangible value to all of its stakeholders?

  • Attract top talent?

  • Support add-on acquisitions?

  • Give you more freedom?

Hear Zane explain his 17 reasons.

Zane runs through all of his 17 reasons and gives a bit of insight into what each one means for anyone who is a business owner. 

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