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The SavvyCast

Sep 3, 2020

Here is all you need to make a perfect charcuterie board~from step by step instructions and a shopping list for all the ingredients.

Note: more tips + tricks + photos can be found in this blog post on Marie's charcuterie board


How to Make This Fab Charcuterie Board (Step By Step)

Who is Marie Marino?

Marie is one of my dearest friends. We first met in the '80s at Auburn University where we were sorority sisters. Fast forward to today. After years of not seeing one another or keeping in touch, our husbands became close friends and business partners. Thankfully, this reunited me with Marie, who is one of my dearest friends.  She is a fabulous cook and the consummate hostess, so I am thrilled that she is sharing this helpful information on The SavvyCast.

Marie makes a charcuterie easy.

Marie breaks down exactly how she makes her "go-to " charcuterie board. Trust me, this is the best board I've ever seen. It has the perfect blend of colors, textures, and flavors. The ingredients on this board are things that are actually delicious. If you are like me, some boards are too "fancy" and have things on them that I don't find that appetizing.

Marie shares her charcuterie tips + shopping list.

In this episode of The SavvyCast, Marie shares her best advice, tips, and tricks for making her favorite go-to charcuterie board. She gives step-by-step instructions for making her fabulous board. This is pure gold for anyone who wants to make a beautiful board with the hardest part done~choosing the ingredients.

Charcuterie Board Shopping List

Thanks to Marie for sharing a shopping list with all the ingredients she uses to make her fabulous, go-to charcuterie board. Friends, if you are like me, THIS is the hardest part~shopping for the board. This is pure gold to have all the things needed. Print this or bookmark this for future reference. 

I hope this is helpful to all of you. As always, thanks so much for stopping by. Be blessed, and stay savvy!!!