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The SavvyCast

Sep 25, 2020

In this episode of The SavvyCast, I share some of the beauty treatments and procedures that I consider worth the time and money.

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Beauty Treatments Worth the Money

In this episode, I share the beauty treatments and procedures that I personally feel are worth the time and money. I discuss the things that make the biggest difference to me personally and offer tips on deciding whether something is worth it for you.

Dental Work

I consider this one of the most dramatic improvements one can make for overall aesthetics, especially for those who have never had orthodontic work. My resource for veneers is Dr. Paul Bargainier of Brookwood Dental Care

Hair treatments 

I share two hair treatments that make a huge difference to me personally. For those who live locally, I share where I get my treatments done in Birmingham.

  • Smoothing treatments: Brazillian Blowout (6 weeks) and Keratin Express (12 weeks). My resource for hair smoothing is @fringesoho. Ask for Chris; he will get you set up. 
  • Extensions. Tape in Easihair and Clip-in. My resource @kimlaslo_hairbykim.


Cosmetic procedures

  • Botox (Dysport) and filler (Kysse and Restylane) My dermatologist is Dr. Jo Lynn Herzog. (205)824-4441 and @drjolynneherzog on instagram.


  • SNS Powder OPI Funny Bunny

Not worth the time & money (to me personally)

  • Spa services such as facials, microneedling, dermaplaning, and microcurrent/red light treatments. I prefer to do this at home.