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The SavvyCast

Oct 11, 2019

On this episode of The SavvyCast podcast, Dr. Jo Herzog talks about dermatology, taking care of patients from cradle to grave, advances in melanoma, and more.

Who is Dr. Jo Herzog?

Dr. Jo Herzog dermatologist Family Savvy


Dr. Jo Herzog is a dermatologist who has practiced medicine for 31 years in Birmingham, Alabama. She treats patients from cradle to grave, addressing any and all dermatology related disorders or diseases. She also dedicates a large portion of her time to cosmetic dermatology, including botox, filler, laser, chemical peels and more.

A Few Fun Facts About Dr. Jo
  • She started out in child psychology and ended up in  dermatology.
  • Her husband, Robert Pearlman, is a neurologist.
  • She has 5 children, 4 of whom are pursuing careers in medicine.
  • She gives patients her personal phone number.
Why I Love Dr. Jo
  • Jo Herzog became an instant friend almost 10 years ago when our daughters played tennis together.
  • Jo takes care of everyone in my family and treats all of our dermatological needs.
  • She shoots straight, doesn't mince words, and has a heart of pure gold.
  • She does beautiful cosmetic dermatology, and has a conservative approach (less is best/don't look fake).
  • She gives good, solid, no nonsense advice as both a doctor and friend.

Dr. Herzog is located at Brookwood Dermatology