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The SavvyCast

Dec 31, 2020

In this episode of The Savvycast, Ellie Hiller of Vulcan Nutrition shares how she helps her clients achieve their weight and wellness goals without guilt, frustration, or deprivation.

Ellie Hiller shares why she transitioned from being a full-time RN to becoming a personal nutrition coach with Vulcan Performance. She discusses her passion for keeping clients "out of the hospital"  through prevention. Her aim is to help clients become their healthiest and best so that they will live their best lives.

In this podcast, we discuss the following:

  • Why one-on-one coaching works best for most clients.
  • What is involved in the coaching process?
  • How Ellie helps clients achieve wellness without deprivation.

Ellie offers a free "vision call" to all potential clients who want to know more about her personalized nutrition coaching. She and her husband, Sean Hiller, work to help clients in the areas of prevention, rehabilitation, and overall wellness. 

How to reach Ellie Hiller: