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The SavvyCast

Nov 27, 2019

Dr. Mike Vaughn diagnosed his own Parkinson's Disease and shares on The SavvyCast the research based non-prescription therapies he is using to manage his symptoms.


Who is Dr. Mike Vaughn?

Mike Vaughn has practiced Family Medicine for 37 + years. He and his son, Dr. Jordan Vaughn, own and operate five MedHelp Clinics in the Birmingham Metro area.  Mike Vaughn is known and loved not only for his lifelong service to his patients also for his service to his community, church, family and friends.

Dr. Vaughn diagnosed his own Parkinsons Disease

Dr. Mike shares several key points about how he diagnosed himself with PD. 

  • Depression was his first symptom. (He had never had prior depression).
  • He was diagnosed with REMBD by his pulmonologist over a year prior; this is a huge risk factor.
  • His hand tremor was the final straw that told him he had PD.

There are several non-prescription therapies that help PD patients.

Dr. Mike is researching medical articles and abstracts for any/all therapies. In this podcast, he shares the non-prescription ones.

  • A specific type of exercise helps with PD.
  • Drinking specific drinks can help.
  • Smoking may help (yes, you heard that right).
  • Melatonin is also beneficial.

Dr. Vaughn Will Share More in Future Podcasts

We have already recorded some hugely helpful podcasts that will be released in the coming months. Dr. Vaughn is devoted to finding all the possible ways to make life better for PD patients.

Resources related to this podcast

PubMed is free to all and is heavily documented research by medical professionals and teaching hospitals.

Dr. Mike Vaughn can be contacted via email at