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The SavvyCast

Feb 13, 2020

PIES University's Kimberly Holmes joins this episode of The SavvyCast to discuss what makes someone physically attractive and why looks are only a small part of the equation.

emotional attractiveness

Physical attractiveness is about more than looks.

Looks are one small part of what makes a person physically attractive. There are myriad different "standards" for what "looks attractive" based on culture, history, media, and other factors. Not only are looks subjective, they are only a small part of the physicality of someone.

It starts with how we feel about ourselves.

Kimberly points out that how we feel about ourselves and our bodies is the first and most important aspect of our physical attractiveness.  We can feel better about ourselves if we do (or don't do) several things:

  • Stop comparing ourselves with others. We are all different and cannot be anyone else physically.
  • Stop trying to meet the criteria of what U.S. culture defines as physically attractive. 
  • Strive to be our best version of ourself.

It is also about feeling good and being healthy.

Several important elements of being physically attractive are feeling good and being healthy. What we eat is important. How we move is important. How we feel is important. If we are eating right, exercising, and staying healthy and strong, we will be our most attractive self. What this looks like is not the same for everyone. My diet, exercise regimen, and health goals should be the best for my body and my goals. 

There are so many other tips on staying physically attractive that Kimberly shares in the podcast. For more information on PIES, visit