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The SavvyCast

Nov 13, 2020

Here are my favorite sides for Thanksgiving and how to make them ahead of time so that you can spend your time with family (not in the kitchen).


Hello friends!!! This post is for those of you who have asked for easy, make-ahead sides for Thanksgiving. So, here are our family favorites. You can listen to the podcast for a "talk through" of the recipes. You can also link directly to the recipes below. With less than two weeks until Thanksgiving, you can buy groceries now and start making ahead now!!!

My grandmother's cornbread dressing is the BEST. Make it to the point of baking (but don't bake). Freeze for up to a month or refrigerate up to 3 days ahead of time. Bake in the oven an hour or two before guests arrive. Keep warm until serving. If you want to see a video of me making this dressing, see below.



Ruth's Chris famous sweet potato casserole is a hit. Make it a day ahead up to the point of baking (do not bake). Bake an hour or two before guests arrive. Keep warm until serving.

The best cranberry sauce in the world really is, in my opinion, the best cranberry sauce for turkey (also pork tenderloin). You can make this several week before placing it on your Thanksgiving table. Store in a bell jar or airtight container in the fridge.

Gourmet Gruyere Cheese Grits can be made up to 3 days ahead. Make to the point of baking (but don't bake). Place in the refrigerator, covered, until the day of cooking. Cook in the oven (45 minutes) an hour before guests arrive. Keep warm before serving.

Gourmet Gruyere Cheese Grits


Mississippi green beans are a must-have on our Thanksgiving table. Drain all cans of green beans except for 2-3. Place the beans in a Ziploc bag with the marinade up to 3 days ahead. On the morning of the meal, heat them through (oven or slow cooker). Keep warm until serving.

Baked mushroom rice (aka church lady rice) is delicious. Measure the rice in the baking dish the night before. Complete the recipe the next morning, baking rice in the oven for 45 minutes. Keep the rice warm before serving.

baked rice with mushrooms

Linda Evans corn pudding. If you want a fabulous corn pudding, this one if my favorite. Make it ahead to the point of baking (but don't bake). Refrigerate overnight, and bake the next morning. .If you want what tastes like old fashioned creamed corn, I share that in the podcast (there is no recipe on my website). I share how to use McKenzie's frozen white Silver Queen Corn (sold in tubes at most grocery stores, to make the best creamed corn ever. 

I do hope one or more of these fabulous sides makes its way to YOUR table this year. As always, thanks so much for stopping by. Wishing you a joyful, blessed, and savvy day!!!