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The SavvyCast

Aug 23, 2019

Affairs are a leading cause of divorce. How do they start? What do they look like? What can a couple do to “affair proof” their marriage?


Dr. Joe Beam, an internationally-known speaker, best-selling author, and founder of joins us on The SavvyCast to talk about affairs~how they happen and how to prevent them.


In this episode, Dr. Beam shares the following.


  • The 3 different types of affairs (all are not the same).
  • The anatomy of an affair.
  • How to recognize the warning signs of an affair.
  • How “pushes and pulls” affect the health and strength of our marriages.
  • How we can work to prevent affairs by working on our P.I.E.S .
  • How pornography can destroy a couple’s relational and sexual health.



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